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The pictures on the cube are from: 

Wire Pass, Utah

The Wave, Utah

Suwannee River, FL

Fawn, Namekagon River, WI

Kayaking, San Juan Is. WA

Mule Canyon, Utah

Interesting Books

Flow Mihaly Csikszentmihaly (underlining the importance of engagement in personal development)

River Town Peter Hessler (insights into Chinese society from an English teacher in a small city on the Yangtze River)

The Hours (Michael Cunningham)  Mrs. Dalloway, Mrs. Dalloway's Party (Virginia Wolf) and then see the movie The Hours—the cumulative effect is intense.

Books by friends:

Cold Mountain Poems J.P. Seaton (translations of early Chinese Zen poems with an intro that explains all, current favorite, #XXIII) Available at

Simplicity Anne Basye (a look at how living as simply as possible informs the spirituality of your life) Available at 800.328.4648

Rising Shore Deborah Homsher (incredible research into life in the 16th century for English settlers on Roanoke Island, NC) Available at