An independent consultant in training development and delivery & business and IT documentation.



Bank Teller and Manager Training

Call Center Training

Diversity Training

Job Aids for Myers Briggs Analysis

Loan Officer Training

Pharmaceutical Sales Training

PET and Oncology Training (Radiopharmaceutical Sales Team)

Risk Management Training

Robotics Training

Continuing Education for registered representatives (investment)

Insurance Sales Training



Customized Computer  Software

Customer Satisfaction Survey Software

Engineering Software

Job Descriptions

ISO 9000

Diagnostic Set Up

Neighborhood wireless project

Medical (PET center) setup


Other Writing

Analyses of Social/Health Issues

Annual Reports



Feature Articles

Newsletters, Online Newsletters


Self-Study Workbooks - Residential Loans, Risk Management, Pharmaceutical Sales

Stories for learning - stories to enhance learning in pharmaceutical sales and investment representative training

Testing - Banking, Catering, Credit, Pharmaceuticals, Massage Techniques

Workshops - Interviewing for Information, Creativity, Business Writing, Conflict Resolution






Documenting Process - Credit Applications, Food Service,
Manufacturing, PET Center
Start-up, Training Development

User Manuals - Cell Phones, Computer Software, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Equipment







Research - Health Issues and Statistics on Countries 

Sales Meetings -
Rollout of Medical Diagnostic Equipment