An independent consultant in training development and delivery & business and IT documentation.


Details on Projects

IT and Business Process Documentation

Experience with documentation projects has included:

  • Documentation of customized software for education, credit cards, loan officers, health group analysis, customer satisfaction, banks, telephone call centers, and more.

  • ISO 9000 work process documentation.

  • Documenting the process used in developing training within a training group.

  • Documenting how to determine the needs for setting up medical diagnostic equipment.

  • Documenting the process used for credit applications for residential loans.

  • Owners manuals on how to operate phones, Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment and more.

  • Documenting the process to establish a PET facility.

  • Documenting a community wireless project.


Training Development

Using instructional design methods, customized training has included training for:

  • Beginning loan officers including selling skills, product knowledge and more.

  • Call centers for banking, insurance and telephone companies.

  • The rollout of medical diagnostic equipment.

  • How to set up robotics manufacturing.

  • Self-study workbooks for risk management (banking), loan officers, insurance sales and more.

  • Full pharmaceutical sales packages for the rollout or reintroduction of drugs. These included job aids, information mapping, sales techniques and more.

  • Catering and food service procedure training including extensive testing.

  • Self-study for credit operations training including extensive testing.

  • Securities Industry Regulation Council continuing education for registered representatives.

  • Massage therapists from articles in the house magazine. Training is uploaded and delivered online.

Workshop Delivery

Workshops on Interviewing Techniques: This is a customized half-day workshop (including triad role-plays) on how to improve your interviewing techniques when interviewing experts in any field. This workshop offers insights in how to change your interviewing style to get the most from each subject. It includes:

  • How to organize your thoughts.

  • What questions to ask and when to ask them.

  • How to discover the information you didn’t know your interviewee had.

  • How your approach determines the interview.

  • How to manage a difficult interview.

  • How to use body language and active listening to improve your interview.

  • How to customize your approach to the management level of your interviewee.

With Jane Ranshaw and Associates. Write Smart!™ and Listen Here!™ are workshops that improve employee communication skills. To see these workshops in detail, visit Jane’s website at

Workshops on Creativity and Imagination with the Institute for the Imagination: Working with Anne Schultz of the Institute for the Imagination, these workshops are custom-designed for businesses and have included working in such areas as stress management, leadership, team building, writing, developing vision, improving spontaneity and creative thinking, and improving clarity and focus. 


Working through various connections with independent consultants in the area, work that on other, wide-ranging tasks included:

  • Creating an intranet newsletter with tips and advice on how to manage software changes for a waste management business.

  • Collecting, analyzing and editing statistics on health conditions. This was an imaginative and really fun project for the Healthy Communities movement. Click here for a PDF file of this project.

  • Working with an artist to create graphics for training food service personnel.

  • Creating copy for Web sites in healthcare and non-profit missionaries.